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Al, what Cid said about the jumper. A new loco will have the jumper installed but if you
got a used one someone may have removed a decoder and didn't replace the jumper.
If you still have that loco, take the shell off and you'll see what we are talking about or
a pic posted here will get you the answer.

The jumper simply puts power from the wheel pickups directly to the motor.

One good thing about this thread is we're starting to get a better understanding on what you have and
it sounds pretty good, nothing wrong with staying with DC if it's working for you.
Keep at it and if any questions we're happy to help, gives us something to do during the lock down.

By the way what kinds of locos are you now running?


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I have 4 steam and 2 desial loco, I like the old trains I grew up within 50' of 6 sets of tracks in west va , I can remember
seeing my first desial loco. We would go out by tracks and RR men would throw tabocco cloth bags to us. I lived in
southern WV. My father worked for the railroad. I WILL TELL ALL THAT NO DCC IN MY SHED!
I have got all the help I want at this time my questions have been answered !!!!!!!
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