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DCC_EX question

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Just looking to see the interest if I built the DCC_EX command station for sale.
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I'm curious about it. What price point are you considering?
EX is a great system. There are a few people selling them on Facebook, you might check there for established pricing.

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good question. It depends on how much sophistication you want.
Do you want just the boards and power supplies?
Do you want it in a nice case?
Do you want 1 or 2 tracks?
Do you want the tethered walk around that just came out?
How about the "accessory voltages" that are not part of this controller?
I've not seen the walkaround... is that on the website?

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I was referring to this:
I have since discovered that it is a wifi throttle; not a tethered throttle. But it is still something to be built.
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