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So I just added a 2nd track to my holiday layout. The original loop was a dog bone of 031 tubular track on a 12x4 table with ceramic houses and styrofoam mountains.
This winter I added another 4x4 table to the end and the elled off a 10x5 table so I could use 054 track to run my son's 18inch passenger cars. This loop is 14x5 and elevated 10 inches to incorporate my grandfathers home made Hell Gate bridge.
Anyways, to the issue. I have 2 MTS Protosound2 equipped engines and I want to run one on each loop. I started out with 1 Lionel 4250 50watt transformer hooked up to Fixed 1 on my TIU. This was not powerful to operate both engines on both loops (and 8 lighted passenger cars). I borrow a modern Lionel 77 watt transformer and a Z500 100watt transformer from my dad. Neither of those would work either, the z500 kept popping the circuit breaker and the Lionel kept cycling off. So I tried hooking one loop of track up to the Fixed1 output and other loop up to the Fixed2 output. Likewise I hooked a transformer up to each of the Fixed inputs. Fixed1 worked fine but regardless of what combination I tried I could not get Fixed2 to recognize that an engine was on the track - it passed power through because the lights on the passenger cars would go on but the DCS controller would say "Check Track" when I tried to start the engine.
Sorry for all the details information but I wanted to make sure I included all important information. Any idea how I can get Fixed2 on my TIU to recognize the engine? Unfortunately, the manual that came with it has no information and I can't find anything on the web.

Thanks, I'll try to attach pix later.
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