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Since my wife(the computer graphics guru), is overwhelmed with work, we haven't tried out the new clear, white, decal printer paper we ordered. So I keep looking for a source for a decal for the front of my 208 Alco Santa Fe Diesel. Haven't found one yet, but found an incredible source of decals for all gauges, and the prices are reasonable:)

There's a ton of pages and they show the decal sets. All you do is pick what you're using them for(trains) and then pick your gauge at the top. I spent an hour, lost in all the possibilities:laugh:
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I was at a club model RR show last weekend. They had a box-full of MicroScale decal packages in their swap shop. I flipped through the lot ... all looked to be crisp, clear edges and detailing. I didn't grab any (no specific need, as of yet), but they're on my "future" list.

Thanks very much for keeping us in the loop on your decal findings!!!

TJ, that's cool that you've seen the product. I'm giving serious thought to changing my plans of restoring the 208 Diesel. NO ONE, has the war bonnet for the Blue Santa Fe:(

They have some great selections and since I'm doing this for me, it doesn't matter what I convert it to:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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