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One of the hobby shops i go was show me a490 and 492 green trim they looked okay dont know much about them what would be a fair price any help would be grateful. Thanks al.
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Al, the prices Tom states are spot on as to the 490,492 diesels. I bought mine in 2014 at the Allentown First Frost train show. The seller was asking $500 for the pair but I bundled other items he had so my price was not the retail he was asking for the pair. These are in excellent condition and run like new and the horn and diesel roar both work. I already had a diesel horn generator so that wasn't part of my purchase. He also didn't have the boxes for them. Here are a couple of quick pics of mine on the shelf. If you notice , the 490 has the earlier 2 rivet steps, whereas the 492 has the single rivet one. Anyway, you can probably get an idea of what the condition is based on these. I wouldn't buy any diesel if they can't run it for you. The poorer the condition, usually means the more wear the motors and chassis bushings have. Hope this helps.

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