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Digitrax Zephyr Question?

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I was watching this video
and the Loco cable or something like that didn't come with it. So I'm buying the Digitrax Zephyr around Christmas and I want to know if it came with everything I need to run more than 1 locomotive. And do all DCC locomotive's you buy (I mean the ones that have w/DCC in the title) already have decoders?

Heres the Digitrax Zephyr I was looking at. Does it come with everything?

Includes: DCS50 Command Station/Booster/Throttle combination, PS315 Power Supply, LT1 LocoNet Tester

Or will I need this with it:
(HO Scale)

HO Decoder with Integrated DCC Medium Plug
1.5/2.0 Amp with 6 FX3 Functions rated at 1/2 Amp
$29.99 MSRP, Tony's $25.95, Tony's/4 $23.75, Tony's/10 $22.75
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Evan, you should be fine with the system above, it is the same one that I have. The last item you are referring to is a mobile decoder for a locomotive. You would use that to upgrade an engine from DC to DCC. If you plan on buying locos w/DCC already installed then all you will have to do is select loco 3 and your good to go.

Of course to separately control each engine you will have to program them to different addresses, but don't worry, you'll get the hang of that after you get your system up and running.
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