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Its been almost a yr since the first dinner train at Knotts Berry Farms. I have been getting a few emails if I'm going to do another X-Mas dinner train. I told everyone from the summer dinner, that would be the last one Ill do. mostly bc of all the people that said they would come and waiting for the money, then find out there not coming last min and scramble to look for people to fill the spots.
What I'm asking is if I do a 3rd dinner train at Knotts your not going to back out?
Now I don't know how much the dinners will be, But guessing Ill have to say its about $5 more then what the past dinners have been. I can do a kids meal that will be $5 less then the new price. new price $35 a person
I would set up the dinner train like the summer one, where you would enter the park 30 min before your dinner train. instead of waiting in a another car until your seating. Ill also try to bring back the Bandit Band from the last dinner. Here is a few videos from the last dinner train.

From replys to this post will depend if I do another dinner at Knotts.
Im also going to post to a few live steam clubs and a few other train clubs. Like I tell everone I do this for rail fans. I dont know yet when the dinner will take place, but Im looking for a week before X-mas. If I get alot of replys to this post then Ill try to put on the 3rd dinner.
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