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Durand Union Station Model Railroad Engineers - Open House

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Part 1.
Just some random photos & vids of the club layout. I'm not a member, just a donor.
What a beautiful farmstead.

I like the overgrown area there.

Durand Union Station HO replica. The room the layout is in about where the single & two story areas meet.

GTW heavyweights departing the yard.
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Part 2
The replica of the no longer standing 360 degree roundhouse.

The TT controller is inside a drawer.

Repair shop interior.

The ash pit.

And this is neat. Functioning Wig Wag signals.
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Part 3.
Just some nice design features.

A small counter top to lean against, park your drink, etc. So often an after thought.

The helix was not originally like it is now. They made curved sliding doors for access and viewing. Sure beats the hinged door style. Still wouldn't want to clean the tracks but, much nicer than how most helices are finished.

I asked about the overall dimensions of the layout but they're unsure. They guessed 25x50 feet, but I'm betting closer to 20x35. Two deck/level.
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Last bit, but not models.
The approach to the Station is interesting. No horns used on the mainline through here.

Imagine being the parent who lives there! I wonder if they have "derailment insurance"?

That is a mainline cut off too, connecting CN's line from Chicago-Port Huron to the former GTW Holly Sub leading down to Pontiac & Detroit.
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It was my first time visiting that club. Due to the town's annual festival going on, there was more than the usual foot traffic I'm sure.

They're open to the public Saturdays 11A-5P. No admission fee.

Just an FYI for anyone wanting to plan visiting into a proverbial family summer camping trip up north kind of thing.
Very nice, I assume it's Durand MI ?
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