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So I am pretty new to JMRI and Engine Driver (android).

I recently added two new locos to my roster: Bachmann Berkshire, and Walthers SD70ACE. I had just been running them off roster.

When I launched Engine driver the Berkshire only had the headlight, horn, bell, steam blowdown, aux 6 and mute buttons. This is right... (other than aux six no clue what that is), as this is all the functions that the decoder supports.

The SD70 on the other hand shows only horn bell and headlight. This is an issue as you need ditch lights (f6), sound (f8) etc...

The functions still work from the cab.

This is the first time I have had the function buttons automatically map to having labels. Previous decoders were super basic or BLI or MTH. These all just showed 26 (I think) unlabeled buttons.

So... what do I have to do to get my function buttons back on the SD70, and how can I map actual function buttons on the other locos?


System: NCE powercab or NCE SB5 or both. Windows 10. JMRI. Engine Driver.
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