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A while back I had found a 10 gallon fish tank for free. I thought it would make a great terrarium. I've had enough fish tanks and their care, thank you very much. With it being that big I even thought it would be fun to do it as a diorama. My wife asked what I'd do with it. I told her if we decided we don't want it that we could sell it. She said most people that would buy one would be women so she is the main designer. It's going to have an N scale train, fairies, and unicorns. I picked up these 4 cars off Ebay for $18. I was really surprised with their quality considering they older Model Power. I was also able to pick up 6 pieces of track for extremely little at a garage sale.


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Wow. Never thought of this. If anybody else is thinking of this, I have a 125 gallon aquarium with stand free to the first person to come and get it. Must bring pickup, I will help load. Floor of aquarium is 6 feet long and about 20 inches wide. Still holds water, with no leaks.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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