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First Train set

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I just bought my first set of Lionel trains. At first I bought them just for fun. I'm probably the only 18 year old thats into it haha. I bough them for fun, but then I started getting the feelings and memories of when I played with my grandpas old set back many many years ago. Then I found myself watching the display videos " the magic of Lionel" series. Now I am beginning to become interested in starting a layout, but im not quite sure were to begin. I see all these guys on the videos with there layouts but there so big and broad. Anybody out there willing to give a youngster some advice?:)
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hey there

hey im getting back into model railroading to, and im pretty close to your age group (im 24) anyhow the basics to starting a layout is deciding how complex you want it to be, i recomend starting with something simple, a figure 8 or an oval would be easiest, then decide on what you would like for scenery, there are tons of materials available at hobby stores and "board game" type stores that sell miniatures for games such as d&d, i recomend for scenery doing something simple with fake grass and adding features such as road, a small town and water.

anyhow, good luck with your project, im starting a build up myself in the next month (you can read my post titled "hello everybody" if you want to keep updated)

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