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Flasher in Athern Amtrack

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Flasher in Athearn Amtrack

:) Since I am invading the HO Forum I decided to post this project.

This is the voltage regulator power supply with a homemade bracket. I plan on doing more posts about these power supplies. This one is for 5 volts.

This shows the flasher unit in place. I used 2 yellow 3mm LEDs

The completed wiring project. Not much room but it did fit. I'll stick to O Scale.:)

I did this for Matt and would you believe I can't find the exterior picture.:eek:hwell:
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Very cool!

I ordered all my led project parts... and thats as far as I got :rolleyes:
I have way too many interests for my limited time... it hurts some times.

I'm looking forward to your power supply/regulator posts. I'll save my
questions regarding that till then. Very good job though. Nice to see
someone is making some progress!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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