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This is the last of the 2 GORGEOUS Liquid Air Tank Cars from my late father-in-law's 130-piece collection.

These were produced in only 2 paint schemes, A black Canadian Liquid Air car (SOLD), and this lovely off-white 'Linde' Car. Total combined production was 200. Produced in '87 or '89, don't recall at the moment. This car lay untouched in its original box for 20 years.

$300 UTLX 61' Liquid Air Tank Car (15,000 Gal) Linde 80011 [PTD.] OMI-3029 made by M.S. Models, imported by Overland Models, Brass
Like New, Original Box and foam, Painted, off-white (cream-white) Kadees RTR[email protected]/sets/72157621176759527/

Please see the 19 remaining brass and non-brass items here:[email protected]/sets/72157619656786887/


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