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Oops, meant $25-30 but both can be had for $50

$25 Southern Engine LONG HOOD GP30 Front Range Plastic Some nicks Ran forward regardless of direction switch when test run. Orig. Box, org foam deteriorated Painted by Owner RTR 9025a9025b

See a pic here:[email protected]/3554781843/

$30 Southern Engine ALCO RS-3 Stewart Hobbies Plastic ok paint - you may want to redo, shell and parts on racks, some corrosion on engine clips. Painted by Owner - Partially- built pics 9029a 9029b

You can see a pic here:[email protected]/3554782885/in/set-72157619656786887/

Remainder of the 19 items can be seen here[email protected]/sets/72157619656786887/

Thanks for looking!


ma[email protected]
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