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Forum Subscription Mode Settings

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A Forum tech-help question re: Subscription Mode settings ...

By default, when I joined up to the forum several months ago, my settings were toggled to "receive email notice instantly" when new posts were added to threads to which I participated. This is controlled via the Edit Options / Subscription Mode settings under User CP.

However, after sticking my nose into probably far too many threads, my daily email inbox is overflowing with updates. I really don't use them. Rather, I used the "New Posts" heading on the forum directly to snoop and see what's new. So ...

I've opted to turn off my automatic Subscription Mode settings. However ...

Under options available, there's:

* Do Not Subscribe
* No Email Notification

What's the difference between the two ????

Just out of curiosity, are most of you guys using or not using the Subscription feature?


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I am not 100% sure, so maybe you could test my theory TJ:
  • "Do not subscribe" means that you will not subscribe to any threads that you create or post in, period...
  • "No e-mail notification" means that you will subscribe to the threads that you create or post in (and you already know where this list is), but you will never receive an e-mail when a new post is made in a thread you are subscribed to...
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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