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FOS kits

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Premium detail
Excellent quality.

Although I'm partial to scratch-building structures, there are some commercial kits that just kick me in the pants with authentic realism.
FOS kits are in that category.

Most are way too pricey for me, but a few are more 'affordable', and well worth the cost.

Mud Flap Cafe
Carter Supply Co.
Yard Office
Burdick Freight Dock, (only 1-inch wide!).
Crossing Shed
All excellent kits, and very rewarding.

They're not a 'cinch' to build, but instructions are good, and assembly is fairly straight forward. Quality wood, styrene, metal, card, and paper pieces. Decals and/or signage are included.
Lots of nice extras are included as well, e.g., most items shown in the photos (except for figures & vehicles). Windows & doors are mostly Tichy. Paint & weathering is up to you.

The Burdick Dock will fit between parallel tracks. The little Crossing Shed ("Beginner's" kit) is a 2-in-1 affair... two structures for $10 (mine are intended as yard shacks).
A more expensive kit is the Mud Flap Cafe at $82. However, some FOS kits are well over $300 (which is why I became a scratch builder).

One caveat:
I advise that you try to get them from your LHS... direct-order email confirmation and shipping are very slow. Phone orders speed things up, but delivery is a minimum of two weeks.


Building Filling station Convenience store Gasoline Business

Property House Building Home Cottage

Scale model House Building Shack Shed

Scale model Transport Rolling stock Railway Train

Shed Outhouse House Building Garden buildings
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Nice looking kits. Too bad they don't do European.
Well, the Burdick Dock at least appears to have European lineage.
This gas station was made with FOS siding & roofing, Tichy windows & doors, and Pikestuff concrete block wall sections.
Its a foot-square diorama that's in A/C storage 'til a place is ready for it.
Since the photo was taken, the crooked support posts were straightened.
Those drums are terrible... they'll be replaced with black Tichy's.

House Building Home Roof Cottage
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