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I came across a couple boxes of old lionel trains I want to get rid of but have no idea what they are worth or were to start. These are all in used condition without boxes but not in bad shape at all. All I know about these are the numbers on the side. I have:
wabash 2339
transportaion corps 41
picatinny arsenal 42

any info on these would be apreciated. Thanks

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Welcome to the forum!

These locomotives can fetch you a pretty penny, that is for sure... I hope they are in good condition... My advise would be to look on eBay for similar items and price them based off what you see... Do not forget that you can also look at the completed listings on eBay to see what stuff has actually sold for :)

41 -
42 -
685 -
1656 -
1666 -
1684 - This guy is not listed on my source site...
2026 -
2037 -
2339 -

Good luck with everything... Maybe you could post some pictures here of them, just so I can be jealous ;)

You can also make a listing here in the For Sale section once you decide on prices :thumbsup:

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The 685 Hudson is the gem of yours. The 2026 is pretty standard with the earlier version being more wanted. You can't expect to get top dollar if the engine doesn't have top condition. Aside from getting the engines rated by the professional. Take a lot of view shots and let the buyer rate the condition. Make sure the pictures are clear and the descriptions are accurate. I always look for a bottom shot. Dirt or dust is not a factor. Collectors often buy from dealers so that places you at a disadvantage. You are making a sale and getting out. I think with a little reasearch you should do allright. It is a shame you want to sell them but that is my opinion.

Good Luck
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