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I am currently working on a project to kitbash a Bachmann Spectrum K4 Pacific into a freelance pacific of my own design. Since this is my first kitbash, I plan to keep it relatively simple by retaining the boiler structure and cab, as well as the Belpaire firebox. I only plan to replace some details, including moving the sandbox (and possibly the dome) as well as moving the running board around.

So far, I have removed the sandbox and the bell and plan to switch their locations (see photo) but I am having some problems. Most notably, while removing the sandbox my knife left numerous scores on the plastic body. The same thing happened when I removed the bell. Should I sand out these scores? Or is there another method for removing them?

Besides that, I am not sure how I should go about removing the running board. Should I simply cut it off, or use another method?

Additionally, as for detailing the locomotive (as I plan to do in the future) I wanted to install a larger air reservoir either below the new running board or above the firebox. However, I am unsure as to how I should make the new running board, and where I can acquire air reservoirs for steam locomotives. The only air reservoirs of any size I can find are for diesel locomotives. Will they work on steam locomotives as well?

Here are photos of my project.

Left side. I haven't removed many details on this side except for one of the boiler steps.

Right side. I have removed the piping below the running board but am unsure as to how to remove the air reservoir and the other accessories in the hump below the running board, as well as the piping below the cab without damaging them.

Top, showing former sandbox and bell locations (Bell in front, sandbox in back) as well as scoring from their removal.

Proposed new sandbox location in place of bell.

In case you were wondering about the air reservoir location, my inspiration is from the Erie L-1s class. As you can see, the reservoirs on that class was right above and in front of the rear cab. If this type of large reservoir is not made by any companies, what sort of materials would you use to make it?

Many thanks, Dreadnought.

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Good luck in modding your steamer.

Sometimes you just gotta start carving and hope for the best. Many parts, like pumps and tanks are available in brass form and will really enhance the job. Bowser is a great place to look in their Cal Scale section.

For your scratches and gouges I would recommend either squadron putty or Bondo plastic metal Both are ready to use products in a tube. The former is likely found at better hobby shops ( or they'll have something similar) and the bondo product is found at auto parts stores.

Both apply easily, dry quickly ( couple hours for small stuff) and sand easily.

I hope you'll continue to post pics of your project. Best of luck!
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