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FS: Athearn RTR GP35 BN and GN

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offered for sale two athearn RTR GP-35 locomotives. new tooling ones, see through fans and DCC ready, both in boxes. Great northern and Burlington northern roads.
BN - new, out of the box for pictures.
GN - like new, several laps around my layout.

50 each or 90 both.
trades possible.
shipping will be about 8$

shown with some cars i have for sale as well.
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yep, got your engine as well. and as i opened i realised where was the disconnect with road numbers. in our PM you said green black BNSF. and it is actually a BN (which matched roadnumbers on the BLI site).
oh well.

going to try it out later tonight - my first sound engine :)
Oh, well I guess that makes sense as I didn't realize there's a difference between BN and BNSF. Sorry about that. I see them m'u'd together all the time so I assumed they were same. Hope that doesn't change things too much for you.
that does change things but not to much. i will look into replacement shell. i guess you saying "green/black" should have gave it away. oh well.
which approach did you take programming the separate decoders? the cv15,16 lock method or programming separately?

and as side note: BNSF is result of 1997 merge of BurlingtonNorthern with SantaFe. ;)


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There's no decoder in that engine as I explained in the email. I put an NCE decoder in it, and ran it off factory default settings. Did you leave the decoders in the Athearns you sent me?
i know there is no decoder :)
but even without it i did notice that with front ditch lights glowing for some reason back headlight lights up. i will figure it out latrer

with that i already found out that DH163 (or 123) will not go in. no room... such a tease , i really wanted to run that thing a bit and hear it. will be shopping for that recomennded DZ decoder...
21 - 24 of 24 Posts