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Good Z sets available?

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In my new Walthers cat for Z it only shows Marklin trains and not very many. Is it safe to say that Marklin is maybe the best and the only one producing good Z stuff. Are there other good Z companies and how do I know its a good product? I would like an old steam loco in my set or should I pick cars and loco separately? Is there a good dependable dealer online for Z Trains? Thanks Ron
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I went with Marklin from the beginning of my Z experience and have never regretted the decision. They have starter sets, simple loops, locomotive, two or three cars, and power supply. As to dealers on the net, use your search engine for Z scale trains. Marklin has track/ turnout sets to expand your layout. Enjoy the world of Z.

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And Shaygetz is MIA since March.

Put your comment in the Z scale forum. Start a thread?
Do you have a table setup? If so add pictures too.
Also your locomotives and rolling stock.
Not to many into Z scale, maybe posting in the Z forum will help someone in the future.

Did you ever have to take one apart yet? :)
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