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A trip to a new Dollar store caught me by surprise. I found a flashlight, LED top and More.

The others are washers, always good to have and containers for general stuff. The small container was in a pack of ten. One even doubles as cleaning material so you don't have to raid the bathroom :D
The store also had 4 oz paints I got black green and brown. How can you go wrong.
For Xmas buffs they had O scale Xmas People.



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got a pack of craft-sticks, matches (HO scale lumber, lol),labels, tweesers, superglue 5 pack, from local $ store. for containers i got wallmart "sterile" drawers. some from WM, some from local craiglist. they sit underneath the layout table, quite convinient storage
BTW, craigs is a great asset as well, some nice stuff can be found there at a times
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