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Great S Steam Wiring Diagrams!

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Reckers, don't know if you've seen these, or been to the site, but it's pretty cool:D
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I've been "Bitten!"

Okay, I know I should take it slow, but I couldn't Pass this up:D

Felt it was a better than, "Good" price and will look good pulling more than 2-3 cars:)
I've decided to make her the focus of what I hope, will be a small, but detailed, lay out. There's an alcove in our attached "In-Law Suite", that will fit a 4'X8' layout. Should be able to make a nice set-up in that space. Who knows, I might even take one of the extra bedrooms(that will cost me big time with the wife!) :laugh:
Don't think that there haven't been times I considered that option:O

But then again, wh'd want and, worn out guy like me:(

Think I'll keep her and just, "Negotiate!!!"

TJ, thanks, she is "Sweet!", and just think, not an "O!" What can the world be coming to?:)
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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