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Our big annual local show was yesterday. Nice big crowds with full isles in the dealers room, with everyone packed nearly elbow to elbow.

Sadly, mostly the usual demographic, with full white-hair gents outnumbering us mere grey-hairs by at least 3-1. A few younger dads with their sons... but perhaps not as many as last year :/

Oddly, there were several just mother-daughter groups with teen/tween girls actively buying for their own layouts! That was a pleasant surprise.

Dealer stock was about as expected - 50% O scale & vintage Lionel and the rest about evenly split between HO and N scale. Just one Z scale dealer, I think.

My goal was to buy passenger cars and maybe a steamer engine or two this year... but I couldn't find any from New England roads. As usual for Texas, there was lots of UP stock and the rest was mostly Pensie and B&O, with a little BNSF. Prices also seemed up a bit from last year so I mostly indulged in buying cheap random HO freight cars that I thought I didn't already have too many of. Also two tote bags full of train books (can't have too many).

Overall, great show as always!
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