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Hafner 2000 Locomotive

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Hello - I just acquired a very used Hafner 2000. It is complete including the key. Searched for parts but no luck. Does anyone know of a parts source and a source for decal / graphics to replace the painted on details?

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You will not find any type of decal or stick on graphics for anything made by Hafner. Your best recourse, if your 2000 is that bad, is to search on eBay for a better looking shell, than what you presently have. Hafner was strictly made as a toy, and was never motorized, so they are all clockworks. Being that it was only considered a toy, and the Hafner company wasn't in business, there was never a need for anyone to produce replacement decals. Your only other recourse would be to repaint it yourself, but to do the detail graphics would be next to impossible to reproduce.
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