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Hafner 2000 Locomotive

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Hello - I just acquired a very used Hafner 2000. It is complete including the key. Searched for parts but no luck. Does anyone know of a parts source and a source for decal / graphics to replace the painted on details?

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Oh dang, messed up the link. Sorry,

I never did either, but I just tried mine.
It works beautifully! BUT........
Make sure you order Decal Bonder! If you don't, when you dip the decal in the water, the ink will dissolve!
Yeah, bummer. I ruined (luckily) a small one doing that.
Now I gotta go to the hobby shop to get that Bonder.

I use Deft Clear high gloss lacquer. I spray several coats over the entire sheet of printed decals. This locks in color perfectly and you get about 2 times as much bonder for the same price.
It's kind of weird. When I did restorations years ago, I do not recall having to do the sealer to the decals. HOWEVER I was using a different printer that had a heated roller It might have been a laser printer but I just don't remember.
I tried to find permanent ink cartridges, but no luck there.

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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