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hi everybody,
my name is john, I'm 24yo, i live in menasha WI, ive always enjoyed model trains but havent been able to do anything detailed because of not having the room to do so, infact i haven't had a model train since i was a kid.

well now for the good news, i thought of a solution to my room issue, i recently bought my girlfriends son a loft style bed and for christmas i am building a trundle table to go underneath it, he really likes trains (he's the most adorable 2 yo) so i am going to build a scenery for the table, i found the perfect train set for him on walmarts website, its only $120 or something like that, HO scale and it has two trains and tracks, one larger figure 8 (with a diesel style train) and a small circle (with a steam style train) to go inside of it.

anyhow my goal is to make a trainset that he will always cherish and that he will be able to keep without it looking childish (the reasoning we decided against thomas)

well i will keep you guys updated on my progress and im sure i'll have a million and one questions.

also, i added an picture of the train set as an attachment, i hope it shows up ok, also imjust reiterating that im making my own scenery for obvious reasons



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