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hi my name is rich
and im from s.c.
i have all ways been in to model trains. but never had the funs to spend on it.
and now im going to give it a try!
well i guess i have to thank my 3 year old daughter.
becouse for her 3rd birhday she asked us for a train set.
and me and my wife got her one of those thomas the tank engine set and she and i fell in love with it!
i never had so much fun with a tain set before.
being that i have never played with a train set before.

( a little bit of back history )

my dad had tons of HO scale trains ( that i was never aloud to tuch! )

and my wifes uncle has a garage full of trains i sware if he was to take all his tracks and made a straight shot it would go on for miles!!!

so i know nothing about model trains!
but what i have seen allready im pretty sure you guys can help me out?

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Welcome Joe,

I'm new here too and have spent a lot of time reviewing old threads. There's a world of information available in those. I haven't asked any questions yet, but I feel certain I will get helpful answers when I do.

Don R

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Welcome aboard guys, I am new to Model Trains too, but that hasnt stopped me any, lol.

We can help, but you have to ask.


PS- Oh, and where in SC do you live? There is a Train show in Hendersonville, NC this weekend, on Saturday. I will be there selling for Old Fort Model Trains
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