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Help with wheel spin?

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I just broke out my old Tyco Clementine that I haven't used since I was about 10 (circa 1979). Unfortunately the engine wasn't working. While it's being repaired I picked up a Bachmann Chattanooga set for around the Xmas tree. It only has 5 cars, but the engine wheels spin at spots when all cars are on. The track is on the floor, but I live in an old farmhouse so it may be slightly uneven. Is there a way to gain traction?
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Thanks for the info.!

Thanks. I'll give that a try. You'd think they would just make the engine a little heavier to begin with.
Thanks for the help, one more question...

The box to this set (Bachmann Chattanooga) says 'working smoke' yet there is no reference to it in the instructions and it didn't come with smoke oil. I'm assuming that I need to get some oil and put a few drops down the stack, but before doing so I thought I'd consult those whose know.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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