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Help with wheel spin?

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I just broke out my old Tyco Clementine that I haven't used since I was about 10 (circa 1979). Unfortunately the engine wasn't working. While it's being repaired I picked up a Bachmann Chattanooga set for around the Xmas tree. It only has 5 cars, but the engine wheels spin at spots when all cars are on. The track is on the floor, but I live in an old farmhouse so it may be slightly uneven. Is there a way to gain traction?
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Try some LGB if you are concerned about weight :p

They are almost too heavy!!

Or just get some lead weights from the hobby shop and try and fit them in the loco :)

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Hmm, if you have some smoke oil it won't hurt to put a drop or two down there and see what happens.

But it's odd that the instructions don't mention it.
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