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I very much appreciate the attention of everyone to
this Thread. However, it is intended to display the
layouts of Forum members. Those seeking ideas
for their layouts should have access to all layout posts
without having to plod thru various text posts.
We have numerous Forums that would welcome
opinions and questions. Please keep this thread
for posting actual layout pictures or drawings.


In keeping with your request, here are some photos of my layout track plan. I included several "views", since I could not fit the entire track plan in one photo and still maintain decent focus, on an image big enough to be seen well, let alone make the print readable. My layouts overall dimensions are ten feet by ten feet by three feet high. It's a two-level affair, so I have track plans of both levels. My layout uses an unusual design copied from an old Model Railroader Magazine article called "Bookshelf Model Railroads." The layout has a top shelf, or ceiling over the actual railroad level. That top shelf holds my collection of train books,a TV set, and other stuff. From top to bottom it's books, railroad, more railroad, and more shelves at the bottom for additional storage. The first photo is an end view of one of my standard sections, which are 4' long, 16" deep. and 16" high. It shows the top shelf and the arches that support it. Those arches are very strong, and make it possible to have a ten-foot-wide, unbroken, scene; with no front supports blocking any part of the view. Aplastic backdrop snaps in front of the arches to form a gently curved "sky" behind each section of railroad. The backdrops also conceal ugly non-railroad bracing, and a rear track, which allows continuous running, without showing a train traveling through the same scene twice, in opposite directions, as a conventional track oval might. The second photo shows a section with it's backdrop in place.

Traction Fan 🙂


81 - 81 of 81 Posts