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Heyya, Gang...

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Ain't been on for a bit, although I have been pokin' in from time to time to try and keep up!! Had a bunch of stuff going on in my little world...

My wife's sister passed away a few weeks ago :( My wife took it really hard; they were close. Talked everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. And you know how those women can have those weird bonds that men.. well, I guess, don't quite understand (not this man, anyway!!).

Then four days later, directly due to her taking it so hard and having not slept or eaten (nothing substantial, anyway), my wife basically fell-out in the garage. She broke the front of her lower jaw. I won't go into any great detail but suffice it to say, I thought I was about to lose my wife in my arms :( LOTS of blood :( Called 911 and the whole bit... Her lower jaw is kinda wired-up, medical braces on all lower teeth, wires running thru her gums... OUCH!!! She's healing up well, should make a complete recovery, no permanent scares or anything (Thank You, Lord).

It's been hectic.

Then, like 5 days after that, some idiot thought he'd jack with me on the highway going home from work. Ummm, wrong guy at the wrong time, dude. He cut me off, lifts, flips me off as I pass then rear-ends me about 5~6 times in succession. At that point, I just stood on the brakes in the middle of the freeway. I walked back, he's talking smack... and I beat his ***. I was gonna pull to the shoulder and beat on him some more... but decided to bail. (Yes, it's probably one of the dumbest things I've ever done... I certainly don't condone road rage.)

I'm staring at over $2000 in med bills (and I'm expecting a few more), but I gotta get with the insurance co- I work at the freaking hospital we went to- I shouldn't have these bills :mad:.

Anydamnway, things are finally settling down. I've finally been able to get back to working on the train. Usually just a few minutes at a time, but any progress is better than none. Gotta tend to the hunny :) She's been tougher thru all this than I woulda been!!!!

Well, life's rough sometimes. I thank the Lord things are all working out. My wife's gonna be fine (she still hurts, of course), I got lucky and the moron I had the altercation with never pressed any charges or anything (my neighbor's a cop, he looked me up and said all is good :eek: )...

yeah, I'm not too sure why I'm posting this either :laugh: Bored tonight, I guess!!! Oughta be workin' on the railroad, huh?!

Well, y'all take it easy :thumbsup:

Happy Rails!!!
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Hey, guys :D Thanks for the kind words.

Yeah, death sucks, especially when it's unexpected (she was only 44). It is a part of life, but when a loved one is taken from you so soon... it's tough. My wife and her family are still grieving pretty hard. My worst pain in it all is seeing my wife's pain :( Not that I don't miss her, too, but I'm just kinda weird with my emotions (or so my wife tells me :p !!).

But you're right, T-Man, sometimes it can be a relief. I have another friend who just told me this week he's going to die :( He's a little older than me. His wife passed away maybe a year ago, then he developed cancer in his throat (no doubt from years of 2~3 packs of Pall Malls a day... amongst other things). They operated and it looked good but came back. He had to have a tracheotomy and now talks with one of those squawker things. But he's not been doing well and I can tell- he's ready to go :( (boy, if this ain't the happy-feel-good thread of the month :rolleyes: )

The thing with the traffic incident- I used to be REAL bad with that. I used to joke that I was road raging before it had a name and became "trendy" :laugh: !!! Anyway, now that I'm older budweiser, got a family and my kids- I want to get home every night. It would be real stupid to get shot over some piddly bullchit on the road, huh? So I've been trying REAL, REAL hard with it and have done really well. I can let things go now that would have once made me pull people thru their window or smashed their car (yeah... smart, right? NOT.). But I can have a short temper sometimes. I could have let it all go, even the flippin' the bird (although that did tweak me a bit), but after being rear-ended- numerous times- I just kinda snapped.

And about the bailing thing, y'all don't think for second I was trying to just go and forget it. When I got home, I was mad as hell at myself. I've been trying to quit smoking and doing real good. Went from a pack and half a day to about a pack in a day and half (my wife smoked, also, but quit when she had her accident and hasn't smoked since (she never smoked much to begin with)). Anyway, when I got home, I needed a cigarette (yeah, that's right- I HAD quit, that day, I had had my last one at work that day and wasn't buying anymore), so I got in the truck to go get some. I put it in reverse, backed about 3" and stopped. I figured the sheriff sitting out front was for me :eek::laugh:!!!

I went and talked to him, told him the whole story and asked, so, what now? He said no one had filed any charges, he was just following up on a complaint someone else apparently called in. I was ready to take my medicine, and had been ever since. One of my mottos I live by is, if you're man enough to do it, be man enough to own up to it and take you're medicine. I expected to spend a day or three behind bars for it. I was never really running. I just wanted to get away from the situation so I didn't make it any worse than it already was.

Anyway... boy, this turned into a short novel!!!! Well, I'm glad nothing more has come of that (clasps hands, Thank You, Big Guy!!!) And my wife will be fine. Her doc even told her she's doing so well, the braces may come off early. That's good, but I told her, no, they'll stay on for another week or two. We expected them on for six weeks and we're only at about three, so another two weeks and she's still a week ahead of what we thought. I hate for her to be in pain any more than she has to, but I don't want them coming of and her having something happen. Then she'll REALLY be having some pain!!

Anyway... been a long day. 16 hours at work today :mad: We're getting ready for the storm brewing in the Gulf. Being shift leader, my director called and told me to start implementing our 72/48 hour check list. Sweet... a few hours before I should be getting off!!! Oh well... someone's gotta do it!! And I need the OT!!! Man... OVER $2500 in med bills so far :eek:


Well, y'all take it easy. Sorry for the book :gotooprah:

Happy Rails :retard:
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Man, I don't know that you'll find a better calibre of people as a whole than the little railroaders :thumbsup:

Thanks for the support, gang. It only gets better from here, right?!

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