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Heyya, Gang...

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Ain't been on for a bit, although I have been pokin' in from time to time to try and keep up!! Had a bunch of stuff going on in my little world...

My wife's sister passed away a few weeks ago :( My wife took it really hard; they were close. Talked everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. And you know how those women can have those weird bonds that men.. well, I guess, don't quite understand (not this man, anyway!!).

Then four days later, directly due to her taking it so hard and having not slept or eaten (nothing substantial, anyway), my wife basically fell-out in the garage. She broke the front of her lower jaw. I won't go into any great detail but suffice it to say, I thought I was about to lose my wife in my arms :( LOTS of blood :( Called 911 and the whole bit... Her lower jaw is kinda wired-up, medical braces on all lower teeth, wires running thru her gums... OUCH!!! She's healing up well, should make a complete recovery, no permanent scares or anything (Thank You, Lord).

It's been hectic.

Then, like 5 days after that, some idiot thought he'd jack with me on the highway going home from work. Ummm, wrong guy at the wrong time, dude. He cut me off, lifts, flips me off as I pass then rear-ends me about 5~6 times in succession. At that point, I just stood on the brakes in the middle of the freeway. I walked back, he's talking smack... and I beat his ***. I was gonna pull to the shoulder and beat on him some more... but decided to bail. (Yes, it's probably one of the dumbest things I've ever done... I certainly don't condone road rage.)

I'm staring at over $2000 in med bills (and I'm expecting a few more), but I gotta get with the insurance co- I work at the freaking hospital we went to- I shouldn't have these bills :mad:.

Anydamnway, things are finally settling down. I've finally been able to get back to working on the train. Usually just a few minutes at a time, but any progress is better than none. Gotta tend to the hunny :) She's been tougher thru all this than I woulda been!!!!

Well, life's rough sometimes. I thank the Lord things are all working out. My wife's gonna be fine (she still hurts, of course), I got lucky and the moron I had the altercation with never pressed any charges or anything (my neighbor's a cop, he looked me up and said all is good :eek: )...

yeah, I'm not too sure why I'm posting this either :laugh: Bored tonight, I guess!!! Oughta be workin' on the railroad, huh?!

Well, y'all take it easy :thumbsup:

Happy Rails!!!
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It's always good to hear from you smokey.I wish a quick recovery for your wife. Death is not always an easy subject to deal with. Sometimes it comes as a relief from a long illness or it can be unexpected .Dealing with death is just part of life.

A lot of people get mad when someone cuts into traffic. My tip is that I always let the guy pass me. I hang in the right lane and give them the chance to pass. The frustrated ones take it and good riddance. You can't let their bad day get to you.

Looking forward to your progress
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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