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I'm Mike 6206 and I just joined today! I have a 5'x11' layout in my basement in HO. It's freelanced around the Sand Patch area of PA and is a mix of B&O. WM, Chessie, etc.

I do have a question. I just installed NJ International's ABS Master and I am putting the B&O CPLs from NJ on it. The trouble I'm having is that when I turn it on with the rest of the layout, the light I have up comes on green, but immediately goes to red and stays there. I hooked up all the sensors as the book described and did the flashlight test by putting lights right on the sensors. I turned it on and the light stayed green, but once you either cover the sensor by the signal or take the flashlight from the sensor for signal three, it goes to red.

I'd appriciate the help!
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