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If you are interested in some high quality brass locos and related equipment you might pay a visit to the photos and descriptions I've posted here....more to come.

"I've managed over a few years to collect a few nice brass locomotives, even while I did not set out to do so. I really hate to part with them as I feel most of these particular items will hold their value very well, or even increase in value, as I doubt this new world economy will see them being duplicated.

But my planned move overseas to a hot humid environment just doesn't fit with keeping them. So I will be listing them in this forum thread one by one, and will likely list them on eBay at some point.

Mark this page as I will be adding new ones as I get time and make some photos. I'll start with one I recently put on Ebay."

My direct email address is:
[email protected]

...a few sample photos below


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