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High Speed Metal Products SP Loco 9725

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I just got one of these in a lot. #9725 is VERY common on Ebay. Is this the only # made? Is it powered? Seems like it's a dummy. Seems like this is low end. Any info on this?
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They were given away years ago as gifts by reader’s digest they aren’t even n gauge the trucks don’t swivel and they only couple to themselves and really not even that. I got a pile of them in a lot I bought off eBay. The engine I wanted out of the lot was worth what I paid for all the junk included. The giveaway is the rails are way out of scale! I have seen posts of people changing the trucks and rails to use them as dummy’s but all that comes to mind is WHY? Mine are on a shelf in my office at work. That’s all they are good for. Or lay them on their side as a derailment scene lol. They are a plague on eBay and some people list them for serious money!


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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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