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HO detail sets

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Hey all,

Does anyone make update/detail sets for the EMD F-series of locomotives?

The only one I've found is on the Walthers website, but it's designed for the Athearn locomotives.

I'm looking for sets that might fit Tyco/Bachmann/Manuta F-series trains.

All I'm really looking for is the heaadlight(s), windscreens and portholes, anything else after those items is a bonus.


Cheers, Ian
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Details West makes allot of excellent parts to upgrade locomotives. Once again though these are primarily for Athern, Atlas and the like. Tyco and Mantua have been out of production for some time and few parts if any were made for theses when they were in production (not including the Mantua steamers). With the exception of the Spectrum series by Bachmann most of their products are lower to mid range and therefor the accessories are not made for them.

This being said I have a Bachmann Spectrum chassis that was purchased bare at a show. I mounted a Model Power shell of an F2 on it and then found a Details West plow that I could modify to fit the shell. Unfortunately it made the front coupler cosmetic only. This just proves that if you take the time the parts can be modified to fit if you are willing to accept the possibility of some functions.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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