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HO Double Roadbed ?

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New Layout, in the process of the making. Sub-Roadbed is 5'x10' half inch sanded plywood over a 1x4" 'T' grid work. My plan is to use 'Tru-Scale' wooden track roadbed (code100). Present thinking is at least one large loop around an open area in the center of table, where i'd like to construct a small rural town. The Tru-Scale roadbed is right at 7/16" tall from base to top of rails.

My question is do folks think I need to raise the Tru-Scale some, add additional roadbed, to bring the track up higher to allow for
city curbs, small creeks and the like.

Presently I don't plan to add ballast to the roadbed, as the Tru-Scale has a gray texture, and rounded edges already. If I add additional roadbed, i'd need to figure out how to 'blend' it into the Tru-Scale roadbed which sounds like more work than it's worth.
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The Tru-Scale is indeed the old school wooden roadbed, with wooden ties. Mine has the rails spiked at every other tie. I've attached a photo of the track, an the temporary layout. I do have access to 3 sides so I'm not too worried about maintenance, at least until everything is up and running. I realize there are a LOT of options out there nowadays, that make the use of 1950's parts a bit more difficult, but i'm willing to give the 'old school' approach a try.

I don't have as many straights of the Tru-Scale as i'd like, so i was thinking of fashioning some using Homasote and plastic tie pieces. The Cascade reference may come in handy for this purpose. Thanks.
Just an FYI, I take criticism well, so no worries about that. I see what you mean about the grain of the ties. Didn't see that right off. I have a handful of turnouts, as well as a few cross-overs. I was planning to use some Atlas Remote Switch machines to work the cross-overs. I think I can mount them close enough to bend the wire to engage the mechanism. As I mentioned in my quick post, I do have access to 3 sides of the layout.


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