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now, if you buy all of these trains (I will ship together, but that's not my point) you'll need some track to run it on. now, the standard lots are the good bits of track that are still usable and have nothing major wrong with them except maybe a slightly bent connector on some. here are the lots;

4 lots of 5 pieces of black snap together curves $5 per lot

1 lot of 4 pieces of black snap together curves and one gray one $5 per lot
(No picture, see above but imagine one is grey)

1 lot of switches, one left and one right $10

now something important on the set of points, they are electric, and the left switch works, but one of the three wires has become detached on the right one, so it does not work remotely. you can switch it manually and it still switches tracks just fine. I am including the little remote thingamajig for both of them, and a cord to hook them up to a transformer.

1 lot of cross pieces, both black $5

the smaller one is complete, and great for figure-8 layouts, but the bigger one I never could fit into a layout, so I took the metal connector bits off at the end.

1 lot of 5 straight pieces, 4 grey and 1 black $5

1 lot of 3 re-railers $3

one has a connector to power the track, and the other 2 don't

1 job lot of bent and broken parts bits, 2 black curves and one grey, and three black straights. These are missing the connectors, and the track is all bent up on the ends, so they are really only good for part, although I suppose 2 of the straight pieces might work. $5

or, $30 for everything

next up, more stuff as I dig it out of the box. :lol:
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