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HO scale DR1A, looking for a 3d printable zip of the stl files or one for sale

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I've been browsing for about half a week now, so I would like to cut this short. Sokol made an ho scale dr1a back in the early 90s as a 4 set, 2 pass. cars and 2 locos. I'm looking as to where i can find the set or a locomotive for sale, can be any condition. This, or if someone can make a zip with the stl files for the locomotive so i can print it out at some point. Anything will help. Thanks in advance.
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Rather large leap to assume that someone just happens to have independently designed one in 3D and has a .stl to hand out...

Especially an Eastern European unit, when this specific forum slants mostly North American.

You could definitely get lucky, but I'd place long odds on that.
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