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Ho tranformer

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I'm looking for a good powersupply to run a layout that is not to expensive??
something that can run 1 or 5 lines.
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I always thought MRC was good for HO. I have a dual control 2800. Used ones are found on ebay. I presume non DCC. I bought mine in the eighties. They went for 70 new and are about 30 now. Everyone is upgrading to DCC. So deals may be out there. If you wait long enough on craigslists, a whole layout may be for sale.
Yes you have plenty of power. This is for a large layout.Compare it to a tech 4 at 7va. This is alink to the manual.
With 5 conrollers you could power a large layout with 5 blocks. I'd stick with mode 2 for your Ho engines.
Block ,is an isolated section of track. Five loops can be 5 blocks and insulated at the connectingswitches from each other. You travel from block to block.
A layout can get complicated quickly. I just have a test track. Read up, this is a great site and will save me a bunch of typing. This site has some layouts you can look at. Enjoy
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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