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??? HO Wall Molds

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I just started building from "scratch" ,Not great but a lot of fun for me.I want to put up a brick wall but want to make it myself.Is there any rubber molds,or something like it I can get.
Please contact me by e-mail, I useally don't spend much surfing time .
[email protected]
Please put trains in title so I won't scan and delete
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I have seen one brick wall made with cut pieces of foam core. For HO it would be more of a granite block than brick.
I guess he doesn't go to a hobby shop. E bay has to have it.
Good luck with the e mail.
Live and learn

If you are worried about a virus, stay away from Outlook or Outlook express. Sign up for a mail account. I use gmail at Google. If you start enjoying forums get a separate account. They re free. Welcome to the forum.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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