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How do I wire this Atla Switch and what is it?

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I just received a lot os switches. One is an Atlas Controller with the following on it: Cab A Reversing Switch, Cab B Reversing Switch, Cab Selector, X-Y Direction Switch.

To me this looks like it is used to make a revers loop or something. How is it wired? Anyone used one of these?

It is the switch in the center of the linked picture.


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The terminals down the LH side of the controller are your +/- leads for (2) powerpacks. (A and B)

The red switches are the direction of travel for either powerpack,
the grey is the direction of travel within the reversing loop, turntable, etc.
the green is selecting which powerpack is currently driving the reverse loop circuit (either A or B, but not both at the same time.)

Here's a pic of mine all wired up.

This was controlling both my reverse loop at the top of the layout and the wye located near the yard. (Could run continuous, but had to switch the grey switches back/forth each time the train went through the layout.

Here it is wired up to control my turntable (I only had 1 powerpack hooked up at this point, if I wanted to add a second, all I needed to due was hook up the +/- leads to the LH bottom set of screws. You can see the inputs on the LH side top set of screws. You basically wire up a +/- and a common ground.

They're certainly not the best, but they get the job done.

The 3 terminals on the top are +/- leads for your reversing loop, then the 3rd terminal is a ground from your mainline located outside of the loop. Hope this helps.


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