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How much HO track do I need...?

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Hi everyone,

I am looking at track online, EZ track to be exact...

Is this good HO track?

How much, and which pieces would I need to make a 72" diameter circle around a Christmas Tree? :confused:

Thanks as always!

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Hi polo, :)

You might consider checking out Atlas True Track.

It's cheap, widely available, has nickel silver code 83 rail (I think Bachmann ez track is steel), and the roadbed can be removed from the track in case later you want to use it later in a layout where you make your own ballasted roadbed.

The biggest radius True Track curve is 24 inches which makes a 48 inch diameter circle, which might be a little small for a Christmas tree, but if you alternate some straight tracks between the curves, you can make it as big as you need. It takes sixteen 24 inch radius curve tracks to make a complete circle. sells 4 pack 24" radius Atlas True Track for $5.89... a circle would cost about $24 plus shipping.

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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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