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One easy way is to check on Ebay and watch the selling price of similar items. That can give you a good feel for prevailing market conditions.

(hint: If you want to sell them... you'll need way better pictures.;) )

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Tank is right, it alll depends on who is willing to pay what...

BTW, what locomotive is in the top pic? Looks interesting..

Cheers, Ian
I like to know what make they all are?:laugh:

Also what scale are they?:rolleyes:

China trains?

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If you are trying and not getting anywhere, they are obscure and not worth the effort. They are not gems and worth what they are sold for. Though interesting in history ,practically everything is collectible in model trains. The trick is finding a buyer that sees its value. As a buyer, there are more trains out there then I will ever purchase. It's a matter of what I want next, and what can I afford. In this forum we emphasize the information. In essence you are asking buyers not sellers what it is worth. So keep that in mind.
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