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how old to start??

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I have two sons, almost 3 1/2 and 5 years old. they are begging for a remote control train. are they to young to start with a lionel set or should I just go for a more toddler oriented set to hold them over?? we go to model train shows and they are in awe. also, if i go with lionel, what should I look for in a starter set (or not look for)? They had one at Bed Bath and Beyond for $200 where I could use a 20% off coupon.

Thanks in advance!!
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Food for Thought

The BB&B is a freight set. A beginner too. The only set cheeper is a Thomas for 169. It must be an exclusive set, because it is noy listed in the Lionel catalog. I have heard target has a set too.

The recommended age is 8. One good thing is the track is interlocking and it comes with a transformer. As with any toy ,supervision is needed along with some play rules. The area is 40 by 60 inches.

The set is not cheep you could find something in Ho with the easy track and transformer, and save some there. The area needed will be smaller. The parts are smaller and tend to fall apart easier than Lionel.

If you use a table you will need some type of guards to keep it from flying off the table . It will not last long like that, or keep it on the floor.
Children like fast trains.

The cars are plastic and will only take so much abuse. Otherwise it will fit around the tree.

The only other thing I would suggest is to get a diesel engine instead of a steamer. Easier to remove the top to oil and there are no side rods that bend or get in the way. The smoke unit is another complication for a child.
With the way prices are you could buy another set if you are interested in just getting a diesel.

With the right approach you can make the boys realise it is more than a toy and needs to be care for if it is to last.
Hope this helps
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I saw the set at BB&B. The engine is cast so be fooled by it's durability. One goal is not to break off the green jewels in the front. Otherwise it will run and run. With 10 % it sounds like a good deal.
Aww Man, used again.:mad:
Are we ever gonna find out what the kids got?:D
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