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how old to start??

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I have two sons, almost 3 1/2 and 5 years old. they are begging for a remote control train. are they to young to start with a lionel set or should I just go for a more toddler oriented set to hold them over?? we go to model train shows and they are in awe. also, if i go with lionel, what should I look for in a starter set (or not look for)? They had one at Bed Bath and Beyond for $200 where I could use a 20% off coupon.

Thanks in advance!!
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Big trains for little hands

go with Lionel, I would suggest going through a local hobby shop might get a better dea at bed bat and beyond or target but they wont have the knowledge to hep you after the sale. support the small guy.

Lionel is very safe the kids can put hands across track while powered (not recommended) and be safe

also let them play put blocks or stuff in the gondolas and such.

you will build a lifetime of memories with your children, at their ages make it a special occaision christmas maybe birthdays for now. as they get older start modeling.

Also if you get a train have santa give it to the Family and not just the kids. keeps them from being able to say "its mine" when you tell them not to do something
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I still have my trainset from the age of 3 still works and runs at my dads trainshop.


Get a Steam engine kids will love the puffing smoke
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