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guys and gals

I asked that question on the OGR forums yesterday and got a good reply from Gunrunner John and he explained to me how to do that. He is a very clever guy !!. later on that day OGR DELETED my post about that so i am tired of them doing that , I think it was Rich so I am stay in this forums from now on ( lot of good guys left OGR too). I am looking for some pictures of the connection which would help a lot. Love to hear from others if they done the same.

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It's certainly odd they deleted the post, I don't remember anything that should have triggered that action!

I don't have pictures, but it's very easy to do.

Connect the red and black binding posts of the DCS Remote Commander (DCS-RC) directly to the track.
Connect the transformer directly to the track.
Place DCS locomotive on the tracks.
Set transformer throttle to around 18 volts.
Run the locomotive with the DCS-RC controller.
This should work for any PS/2 or PS/3 locomotive.

One point. The locomotive MUST be in factory reset condition for the DCS-RC to recognize it. If it's a newer PS/3 locomotive, it's possible to do a factory reset with the DCS-RC. If it's an earlier PS/3 or a PS/2 locomotive, the factory reset must be done with a full DCS system.

PS/3 locomotives manufactured in the last few years can be reset using this procedure with the DCS-RC. Here's the reset procedure for the DCS-RC.

Turn off power if on
Wait 15 seconds
Turn on power: the engine should be dark and quiet
Press no other buttons
Press SND
Press DIR
Press "-" (on the gray rocker in the center of the remote. Also is the speed down button.)
The engine will give a two honk response and will be sitting on the track running

The engine has now been factory reset, and is ready to run with your DCS Remote Commander system.
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