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how to make a whistle button?

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anyone have any idea on how to make a whistle button to trigger a whistle in a 50s whistling tender?

this dude sent me lol

Doug, the best thing you can do is start a new thread in the O gauge section and ask for help. There are several guys there who love to make stuff, adapt things, and in general, love a challenge. Tell them I sent you and they'll burst out laughing at you! Best wishes and give them a shot at setting you up!
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Doug for 30bucks you can get a 1033 transformer with a whistle button. There is also a sound button that does the same thing but they see you coming and want 12.

Build? I never have but have studied. You need diodes. The best suggestion is to go to Classic toy trains and search there. I came up with a few diagrams . Still, I think the transformer is the best way out.
THe 1033 is rated at 90 watts. If you build one button the diodes will cost you at least 8 bucks.
I say run your trains for now and forget the tender. If you find a button for a good price get it. I thinking 90 watts is a good upgrade, the one you have is 45 which is minimal especially for a train that has not worked for years. They need to be run. A small track would be better. I don't think you have given me one engine number yet. You are dealing with a few problem here. Power old trains and a whistle relay. Get the track cleaned up and see the improvement from running them on a daily basis. If you get serious about this you will want to get a larger transformer and that will cost more than 30 bucks. My opinion is enjoy them for now.
First, the 1033 has a button. Your collection is a lot of 80's vintage . The gray transformer is small in power like your black 45 watt. I do have a mechanical whistle that runs (from that era)but I think it has an electronic board.
Your postwar is giving you problems. The 2055 is a big are under powered . The track is clean and in good condition. I need to look at the video again with sound. You may want to go with a CW-80 transformer since most of your trains are modern. Problems occur when you have an older transformer running newer trains. I need to research my notes on what I have.
Two questions the 6466 tender has a mechanical relay correct?
Isn't the 8602 a DC loco without the electronic reverse? Out of curiosity.
At this point I don't have an explanation for the slow down.It must be like a drain or a short.

Transformers generally work or they don't. SOme have different voltages so if one section goes bad it my effect the total output. You need to talk specifics because they vary so much.

I made a diagram for the whistle . note everthing depends on the ground. A rusty frame won't help.

Most of the information I got was from CCT forum on whistle button making. I can give you links but for the most part you are on your own. From experience on this forum I know my limitations I can assist, but I am still learning too.

I do know the relay works with a DC pulse. The voltage is around 3 to start. That gets everthing started then it goes down to 1.5 volts DC THen is slowly drowns out. I have collected a number of whistle buttons and some have a heated coil which you just can't buy.I am not at the point where I can tell you how to make one and ensure it will work. The same for relays. They either work or don't. Replace as needed. Often it is a connection or problem that is wrong or just dirty.


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Remember, the relay responds to DC. It all has to do with the disc at the end of the coil. Selenium I think. It is what they made bridge rectifiers with in the early days. Yes they can both travel through the same rails.
Your video demonstrates the problem. I need to know what is in that tender and the engines. See I don't know everything Heck I am not even sure you are running AC at this point. That's what I mean by description Type of motor what kind of e unit and relays. Mechanical electronic AC DC. You have to show everthing for me to understand what you are dealing with. I understand this is not always easy.
The older whistle buttons are not reccommended for the new electronics. The DC is unregulated in the older stuff, direction wise. They work DC either way, with the new stuff the red wire is all important. When I found out about the 80's collection my suggesdtion went from a 1033 to the CW 80.
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