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Someone has got a fast freight forward bill on more than one of the cars in their consist!
Either that or the Engineer is gonna catch hell again for being late for dinner with the misses!
Who is managing the Waybills on this run?
The conductor is gonna be mad too that you approached the yard tower too fast and he couldn't contact the tower to flip the siding switch fast enough at the freight terminal.
Corporate got the call from a resident the trains along the line are going so fast, they blew away the wedding decorations in one of their outdoor yard parties....ON A SUNDAY!
They want to know who is the Engineer on Sundays highball?!?!
Someone gonna catch H.E. double hockey sticks!
Thank the governator you didn't derail a car! 馃槄馃槈馃槂馃え馃馃お馃槉馃槰馃槒馃槆馃榿
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This is a vintage Kato GP-38-2
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Yeah. I like the simplicity. I was going to get kato unitrack, but they only have 9 3/4" radius curves (too small) or 16" radius which is too wide for my space. Ez track is right in between at 11.25" curves. So ez track won. I've put a little ballast on the sides for effect.
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