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I have a atlas RS-11 shell complete

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I sold all the RS-11's I had but I have this shell . I bought a PK2 FA-1 off ebay cheap a while back and the shell is cracked which can be repaired but I took the drive out and removed the front seat mounting section and the rear fan assembly and the drive fits in the atlas shell .

I shaved off the bosses on the underside of the atlas walkways to lower the shell so it does not sit so high off the frame .

I know the truck center to center on the FA-2 is 38' -06" and the RS-11 is 40'-04" and the RS-3 is 39'-04" and atlas used to use the RS-3 drive in their RS-11 .

I have a PK2 GP-38 with a 40' truck center to center and could use that chassis . Both the FA-2 and GP 18 do not have the proper fuel tanks and I do have a roundhouse RS-3 frame .

It's bee a whlie since I looked at and tried the GP -18 frame in the atals RS-11 shell but it does offer cloase to the correct truck center spacing and has the added weight and the fuel tank can be modified to look like the RS-11 , the FA-2 uses a small tank however the FA-2 drive does not look at all bad in the RS-11 shell .

Main problem is mounting the shell to the frame , the only way I see is to make a brass plate to reach from the FA-2 coupler tab and then mount it to the RS-11 pilot boss . The GP-18 is just the shell and frame with the drive robbed to power a stewart hobbies RS-3 which worked and was a drop in fit .

I also took a stewart RS-3 kit and made a RS-3 hammer head using a spare stewart RS-3 kit shell and building up the sides and adding then the kits short hood top and the front of the short hood to build up the needed height then plugged to lower head light and made and added the high nuber boards .

I did have a kit someone offered to add the hammer head to a RS-3 which was balck plastic but it did not fit well and had poor casting details . I have the PK2 drive parts such as the PK2 motor and trucks .

I have all sorts of unfinished kit bashes going on but stopped years ago and I have railpower kits on athearn drives .

I am way behind since I stopped 10 years ago and I have two boxes of detail parts .

I have a digital camera , how can I post photo's here to give a better idea of where I am at ?
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I am assuming that you know how to load the pictures from your camera to your computer, right?

After that, click here to go to the "Member's Galleries" section of MTF's image gallery... Once you are there, scroll down a bit until you see the "Quick Upload" section... Hit the "Browse..." button next to the first line, find where you have stored your picture files, select one of the files, and then hit the "Open" button... Now just simply put in a title, description, etc, and then hit "Upload" :D
I do have the camera ready , Thank you , I will load a photo .

I just got my loco's I have left and listed them and what I have to do .

Plus I have 3 athearn small loco boxes full of detail parts to sort through yet . This took me 5 hours just to list what loco's I have left.
I posted some photo's a three loco's

I need to figure out why they are so dark and some blurry . I will try again , they looked good in the camera viewer but not loaded .
I have the opposite problem, my pictures look like crap on the camera but turn out good when I upload them... Maybe try changing your camera settings so it focuses in on close things... My camera has a "flower" for close and a "mountain" for far away...

Thank you , you are right . It's been so long that I've used the camera for small items I forgot completely about that setting. Mine has the same flower and mountain thing too. In fact it has all sorts of settings when you are in the shotting mode that I never looked into how thise worked , never needed them .

It's a cannon power shot A10.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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